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Little Rock Peppers is a Malta hot sauce made with the finest, freshest home grown & locally sourced ingredients possible in addition most of our sauces are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Look for the Vegan symbol.

Drew and Francesca Kassa created Little Rock Peppers in June 2017. It represents a shared love of chilies and spicy food and a desire to produce a high-quality range of chili sauces at affordable prices. Most of all they taste great.

Please get in touch if you require a more urgent delivery and we will try our best to accommodate. Should you have any question, just ask we are happy to help.

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Little Rock Peppers Scoville Heat Scale

Scoville heat scale

The Scoville Addiction, Endorphins. OK, I admit it. I’m addicted to hot sauces and fiery foods. I add some kind of chili, whether it be hot sauce, dry spice or fresh peppers, to every single meal I eat. There’s a good reason for this and, for those of us who enjoy eating fiery foods, the reason is obvious. It makes us feel better. The active component in chili peppers is a substance called capsaicin. This is found predominantly in the membranes and placental tissue which holds the seeds. However, contrary to popular belief it is not the actual seeds themselves. When consuming fiery foods, capsaicin comes into contact with the nerves in your mouth. It’s an irritant and it tastes hot, so pain signals are ...
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